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April 6 2016

Action Needed

Stop Gov. Rauner's Takeover of Chicago Public Schools

Working Families of Southern Illinois,

You can still voice your opposition to Governor Rauner's plans for a state takeover of the Chicago public school system by signing my petition, which states our belief that our education funding should go to local schools. Please visit and sign the online petition to stop Governor Rauner.

In Protect Illinois Committee's opinion, the Governor's proposed takeover could give handouts at the expense of our schools to the Chicago system and the bureaucrats who run it. Together we can let Gov. Rauner know that when it comes to investing in our future, Southern Illinois students come first. We will not stand by quietly while our money is spent on a power play by the Governor.

Thank you for your help,

Committee to Protect Illinois Families


June 30 2015

Working Families of Southern Illinois,

On May 14th 2015 the Illinois House of Representatives held a vote on House Bill 1286 Amendment #2 (this was a RIGHT TO WORK Bill). The was voted down 72 no votes to 37 present votes.

The Following is how the Representatives in Southern Illinois Voted.

Please review and contact the Representatives who voted NO and thank them for standing up for Working Families in Illinois.

Also, contact the Representatives that did not vote or voted present (which means I’m here but I’m not going to vote on it) and tell them they need to start Standing up for Working Families in Illinois.

You can go to the Legislators tab to get their E-mail site.

Thank you,

Committee to Protect Illinois Families.


107th District, Rep. John Cavaletto                             Present

108th District, Rep Charles Meier                                Present

109TH District, Rep. David Reis                                  Did not vote

110th District, Rep. Reginald Phillips                           Present

111th District, Daniel Beiser                                            NO

112th District, Dwight Kay                                           Present

113th District, Jay Hoffman                                              NO

114th Eddie Lee Jackson                                                 NO

115th District, Terri Bryant                                           Present

116th District, Jerry Costello II                                        NO

117th District, John Bradley                                             NO

118th District, Brandon Phelps                                        NO

The Committee to Protect Illinois Families, Martin Walter, Treasurer
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