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Legislative Update May 30, 2017

With one day remaining of the scheduled legislative session; there is little hope that a budget will be voted on by midnight tomorrow night. The midnight May 31 deadline is important because the House & Senate will now move to super-majority votes in overtime sessions.

State of the Play:  The three bills  making up the Senate Democrats’ budget bills remain pending in the House. House Appropriations Committees held hearings on the Senate’s Appropriations bill (SB 6) over the holiday weekend.  SB 6 and the Budget Implementation bill (SB 42) have not yet been referred to the House floor.  The Senate bill containing tax increases (SB 9) has been reported out of the House Revenue Committee to the full House. The budget ball is now in the House’s court.

Budget Impasse Update:  While the usual end-of-session “anything can still happen” caveat still applies, there have been no signs over the past few days that would indicate we are close to a budget deal. There are actually  increasing indications in the opposite direction. For example, the State Republican Party today unleashed a robocall barrage targeting voters in the districts of 19 of the most vulnerable House Democrats. Such a move is not designed to encourage trust and compromise.

It now appears all but certain that the real deadline is the June 30 end of the fiscal year. The likely result will be a repeat of last June: passage of another “stopgap” budget bill coupled with full funding of K-12 Appropriations bill that will allow schools to open on time. We’ll keep you posted

Hope for a  future deal? : Senate Democrats were able to pass two property tax freeze bills (SB 482 and SB 484) today with addition of three Republican votes: Senators McCarter, McCann and Rezin. One of these bills had been positioned to be part of the Grand Bargain, but was not passed last week because the Governor objected.  Eleven Republican Senators voted against the bills and nine voted present. The bills required super majority votes for passage because they affect home rule powers.

The Committee to Protect Illinois Families, Martin Walter, Treasurer
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